Food packaging products line


Cosmetical packaging roducts line


Farmaceutical packaging products line

Made in Italy
It is the best form of creativity, wit, design, research and reliability.

In-house production
All machines are manufactured in-house at the UNIMEC location, thus giving customers the widest warranties of assistance.

Flexibility and customization
Market constantly requires innovation and customization. Our products and models must meet customers’ requirements and expectations. 
UNIMEC flexibility allows to reach the required targets and to reduce the time to do that.

Wide range of products
UNIMEC offers a wide range of machines that can meet customers different needs. The technologies of UNIMEC machines are suitable to increase production of purchasing companies.

Customer-oriented policy 
UNIMEC increases the research to improve its production to customer’s benefit; in this way UNIMEC can fully match the several requests from market and offer a competitive quality-price ratio.

R&D department
Besides the innovation, this department manages also the working groups dealing with production processes.

 UNIMEC offers products that reduce energy waste and pollution.

Qualified staff
UNIMEC human resources are highly professional in the several working sectors.


Production of thermoforming material suitable for both food and not food application.

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Leader company both in “food” and “not food” packaging market since 1955.

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