Seal Box 500

The ILPRA SEAL BOX 500 is a machine designed for a practical and very simple usage.
The construction of ILPRA SEAL BOX 500 takes in consideration the special conditions of the working environment; all the parts the machine is made of are made in noble materials.
This machine is electronically controlled and thermoregulated ; the sealing group motion is realized pneumatically and these functions are driven by a control panel. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and quick.

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Seal Box Basic

It is the simpler sealing head endowed with a holder and of the automatic unwinding device of the thermosealing film and the rewinding device of the scraps, suited to be installed on pre existing packaging lines or on machines of other manufacturers.
Of this model are available 2 versions:
- Mod. BASE, able to seal containers having max diameter of 110 mm.
- Mod. JUMBO, able to seal containers having max diameter of 210 mm.

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